7-Secrets on How We Market Homes!
by DeWayne Talley, Broker-Associate

After 45 years in the business, and over $400 Million in closed sales, here are some of our secrets on “How we market homes!” Some of today’s internet programs make selling look so simple, but many are just schemes and not the best way to sell! I might add, with today’s wealth of on-line information nothing appears easier than selling your own home! But, as the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!” Here is the way we start the sales process with proven results!  

  1. PLAN A MARKETING STRATEGY. From a custom, time-tested list of 44 ways to attract buyers, we Build a Specific Marketing Plan. Most agents only use 4 or 5 ways. “The Goal” is to do everything possible to Achieve the Most Money Possible in the Shortest Amount of Time?

    a. WRITE GOOD MARKETING COPY. It is important to say enough to get the buyer’s attention, but not so much that they will not call. Sellers can help us write interesting sales copy by telling us why they purchased their home and what they like best about it.

    b. BEGIN RIGHT! Inside, we help Stage Your Property Correctly. Sellers can help by Fixing What’s Broken and Updating Appliances! Outside, Preen Your Home for Curb Appeal! You know what they say about a good first impression!

    c. USE TECHNOLOGY. Nationally, only make 7% of sales come from yard signs, but by using QR CODES and INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY WEB SITES we provide lookers with instant access to on-line property information, which encourages them to contact us INSTANTLY for answers their questions. Of course, we design yard signs to conform to community requirements.

  2. PROFESSIONAL PICTURES ARE IMPORTANT! We start by staging your property correctly, even if you are living there. Help us by removing “the stuff on the fridge!” Also, remove towels, small appliances, paperwork, toys or anything else that will draw the buyer’s eye away from the benefits of your property. We like drone shot’s, but aerial photos can be a detriment when there are missing shingles, discolored roofs, bad vegetation, problems with a neighbor’s property or the surrounding area. Professional lighting and shot selection is everything!

  3. USE STRATEGICALLY PLACED ADS. Last year, 51% of buyers found their home on the internet, and 87% purchased through a real estate agent or broker. 8% purchased from a friend, relative, or knew the seller. To maximize buyer views, we post properties on over 20 select search engines worldwide, plus Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Proper display on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is critical because it distributes listings nationally on Realtor.com, which is picked up by Zillow, Trulia, and dozens of smaller internet sites. We also Direct Mail to select areas, Email Top Agents to get the word out, and Build Special Highlight Sheets for distribution at Open Houses and Community Events.

  4. HAVE THE ANSWERS! HAVE THE ANSWERS! After 28 years in SW Florida real estate and working for 3 major developers, WE KNOW THE ENTIRE SW FL MARKET! We have been trained to sell your property against all the competition.

    a. Home Values. We can explain in detail to any buyer, why the value placed on your home is right! We encourage buyer questions, to help them satisfy their buying indecision. Having been a VA and FHA appraiser for 20 years I can explain all the details.

    b. The Bottom Line. Often, buyers need to know how to estimate their new taxes, mortgage payments, and closing costs. Also, how and what is prorated. We can prepare a Buyer’s Net Sheet on the spot to help them make up their mind faster.

    c. Good, Better, Best Lenders! Both, Buyers and Sellers can’t make a good decision until they have all the loan facts. For instance, either might need information about Veteran, FHA and Conventional loan programs to weigh the benefits. As a licensed mortgage broker for 15 years I have a feel for which lenders are Good, Better and Best for which customers.

    d. Closing Costs. By analyzing the various closing costs both the seller and buyer can make the transaction happen quicker. Of course, we have instant answers to questions about utilities, community fees, HOA or Condo documents, rental policies and management contacts.

    e. Details Galore. We ask sellers to have past surveys or wind mitigation reports handy, and any transferable warranties. It is best to make a list of Personal Property to let buyers know what stays and what goes! Decide, how to obtain a bottom line price advantage by selling Furnished, Unfurnished or Turnkey. Any items that are not staying with the sale, may include, lights, fans, rugs, etc. should be removed before showings.

  5. BE PREPARED TO GO TO CONTRACT! When a buyer is saying GO, we put all offers in writing immediately. We will discuss closing preferences, escrow agent choices, instructions and set it all up. We also monitor deposits, inspections, negotiate repairs, write addendum's and oversee the closing? Negotiating the details is the most important part. Many direct seller’s end up taking less because they like the buyers. Falling into that trap can cost you thousands! With any transaction there are multiple ways a closing can go bad at the last moment. Our experience helps us avoid unnecessary situations. When needed, we are experts at saving transactions at the closing table.

  6. SECURITY. If you show your own property. Always let the customer go ahead of you into a room. Keep the buyers and kids all together with you. Have a defense plan if things don’t go the way you expect. Be aware of unusual questions or actions. Lock up all valuables!

  7. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. To keep us all out of trouble sellers must disclose all material facts that would affect a buyer’s decision to purchase. We can easily do that with a properly executed Seller’s Disclosure.

A PAST CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL – “I was trying to sell the house myself, and I was having no luck until DeWayne got involved. He was working on behalf of the buyer, but could not have been more available to me. He always answered my calls, or responded quickly to any messages I left. He was very helpful with the paperwork aspects of the sale. He has such a pleasant “we can do this” attitude which I appreciated. I’m very thankful I did business with DeWayne, and I recommend him highly.” Rick A.

Another customer once told me, “You are like the Easy Button of Real Estate!” My question to you is "How may I serve you?"

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