The Easy Way to LOOK for Property

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Real Estate

We meet many people in our Welcome Center who have been LOOKING and LOOKING for property in all the wrong places. They are frustrated with the miles they are driving only to be locked out by a guard gate.

We show them the ‘Easy Way’ to become familiar with SW Florida, which is to, “Join us for a private tour of 30 communities in 30 minutes” on our Big Screen TV. With 27 years of local knowledge, we can save you hours of search time and we know where the best buys are hiding. Our office is in the Welcome Center at 3570 Bonita Beach Rd., about ¼ mile west of Hwy. 41 (towards the beach), and directly West of the Mango Bay Beach Store.

In a few minutes, we can answer your real estate questions and point you towards the best real estate buys in the surrounding area, or anywhere in SW Florida. You will receive a crash course on our MLS service and complimentary access through our website. You will like the way the Florida Good Life Team locates, negotiates, and closes your next real estate transaction!

If your friends are looking for property, they too may use our FREE MLS Access also by going to Searching through our MLS portal assures you the properties are available, where unlike many national sites it has been estimated as many as 29% of the listings are no longer active.

For Rentals, the best way is to, “Just call Pat” at (239) 707-9163.

When Buying or Selling Real Estate, call or text our ‘We Care’ numbers at (239) 707-9393, for DeWayne at (239) 707-9393, or Kirstin at (918) 289-9089. On behalf of The Florida Good Life Team, we hope to see you soon!

Until we meet, “Live the Life Out of Every Florida Day!”